The amazing benefits of inversion tables


An inversion table is a special kind of table in which you can balance your body at any angle. In most cases, it is used to balance your body in a way that your feet are above your head. The table uses the force of gravity to balance your body in whichever angle you like.The inversion table can be used for both medical and fitness purposes. The advantage of using an inversion table is that it does not require too much energy unlike other fitness methods.


When a person is upright, the vertebral discs spaces decreases as they press each other downwards due to the force of gravity. The pressure between the vertebral discs increases when we are walking, exercising or when carrying out a heavy task. This pressure increase may lead to loss of fluid of the disks and eventually the back pain. Inverting your body on the inversion table will reduce the pressure on the discs and the back pain too. It will also reduce the back fatigue as the discs will always have enough fluid and minimal friction and have qzz in your life.


The compression of our body organs may sometimes lead to reduction of our height even though this effect is not easily noticeable. The reduction of our body heights takes place each day and inverting our bodies can help reverse this process. This is because the inversion reverses the pressure on our body organs.


The loss of fluid and increased pressure on joints may make them stiff and reduce their mobility as the bones come closer to each other. There is also increased friction between the joints and this leads to low flexibility too. As the inversion table helps restore the fluid in the joints, the body becomes more flexible too. The distance between the bones in the joints is also increased leading to lower friction hence increased mobility.


When the body is upright, the ligaments that joins the bones in the joints are mostly idle and therefore grow weak due to under-utilization. Inverting your body will stretch the ligaments making them stronger and hence making your joints healthier.


One of the effects of compression of the vertebral discs will be misalignment of the back vertebrae. This misalignment may lead to an abnormal standing posture which may become more permanent as you get used to it day by day. Inverting your body will help you avoid assuming an unhealthy standing posture by correcting the misalignment of the vertebrae before its too late. Getting used to bad posture makes it more difficult to correct it in future and it would be wise to prevent it early enough.


Inverting your body will increase blood circulation in the body and it will also stretch your muscles and ligaments. The body organs will therefore have enough access to the blood and the nutrients needed for their fitness. The hormonal glands will also have more blood circulation. The hormones will therefore be well distributed in the body helping you feel alert and refreshed.The inversion table is therefore very useful in our lives as it will help us in countless ways. It’s efficient and time saving too.

5 natural remedies that can help get rid of pimples


These uninvited guests on our face and body appear not only in teenagers age, but also later, in our twenties and thirties. To treat them isn’t easy, and it can as well be expensive if you choose to buy commercialized products for pimple solution that “guarantee” you will be rid of pimples “within five days”. (Taken from ) :

So here is the list of natural ways and also medicaments that are REALLY going to help you! We will start from the most common and old-fashioned ways.

1. Baking soda

Baking soda scrubs your face, removes the epithelium and opens the pores. This is the best peeling for the skin and you should do this twice a week. After this treatment wash your face with cold water and always use your towl clean and dry. You can use baking soda for brushing your teeth, also. So simple and so good! I love it! And it’s cheap.

2. Apple cider vinegar

This fellow for most of us doesn’t have enchanting scent, but this vinegar can really be a good helper for this matter. Use cotton pads to dab your face with the vinegar and don’t think about it’s smell, think about how your face will look amazingly good after this treatment.

3. Lemon juice

Lemon has a looong history in cosmetics. It’s good for your skin, hair, whole body, everything.
Many people forget how important citrus fruits are. There are tons of great recipes for using lemon in purpose of healing your skin, especially for oil one. Take cotton pad then dip it into the freshly squeezed lemons juice. Then finally apply it on affected area then leave it overnight. In the morning you will see a pleasant surprise!

4. Green tea

This herb is often used for home-made creams and tonics! In a glass of cooled green tea, add two tablespoons of lemon juice or brandy, rakia. This lotion perfectly removes superfluous shine off the skin, improves and evens your skin tone.

6. Plantain and nettle

Make a tea from fresh nettle leaves and plantain, soak a piece of cotton pad in it and wet acne several times a day. Nettle is one among the best herbs for growing hair, also!

7. Wild oregano

This is one among the most effective herbal antiseptics in nature and it will accelerate the process of treatment of blackheads and acne if you put few drops of wild oregano oil on a facial cleanser. It’s worth every penny s this enhances better living in our everyday life.