What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoidsare blood vessels located in the rectum, which swell and grow and cause sensitivity in the region. Hemorrhoids occur in two forms – internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids or piles and Internal Akstrnim. Internal hemorrhoids are located inside the anal canal, rectum inside. In most cases, internal hemorrhoids are not painful and the only way to identify this health condition, is the detection of bleeding from the anus during defecation. There is also the possibility of internal hemorrhoids will drop and that will be external.

External hemorrhoids are located outside the rectum area and bring sensitivity, pain, burning, itching and bleeding. External hemorrhoids can see and feel, because they stand out from the anus. This is also the reason why external hemorrhoids more painful and yet – it is easier to identify and deal with them.

Hemorrhoids are a common medical problem, which is suffering from bleeding from the area of ​​the anus and sometimes suffer real pain when imposing feces. Conventional medicine offers many hemorrhoids treatments, ranging from over the counter medications to surgery to tie the expanded blood vessels.

Homeopathic medicine also provides relief for those who suffer from hemorrhoids, among other things, changes in certain dietary habits and different homeopathic supplements. Homeopathy will offer a solution for those who suffer from hemorrhoids are using personal registry supplements, and through changes in habits of life – in the emotional, mental and social status of the patient.

What are the reasons for hemorrhoids

Many different reasons may lead to the formation of hemorrhoids. Usually, the main reason is multi-pressure rectal area. Increased pressure on the area, due to increased abdominal pressure that may arise in the following ways: a large force during exit, pregnancy or childbirth, high blood pressure, problems in the blood vessels, cough, vomiting, sport that requires a lot of effort, mental anguish, stress, heart failure , poor diet, genetics, obesity, age and more.
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Hemorrhoids are common in what population?

Hemorrhoid is a very common phenomenon in the modern world and the industrial and usually begins to appear in a person’s twenties. Typical hospital hemorrhoids are people on the golden age and older, pregnant women and postpartum overweight people.

Over the years, increased risk of developing hemorrhoids. Prevalence among the adult population covered weakening of the muscles in the region and this in common constipation. In addition, older people require different medications and experience frequent changes in metabolism. Hemorrhoids occur in women than men, especially during the time of pregnancy and following birth.

How homeopathy can help treat hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoid medical treatment is invasive and unpleasant process. For this reason, many approach using homeopathy to treat hemorrhoids. Alternative medicine, treatment advocates combining all aspects of life of the patient, and includes a comprehensive reference to the patient’s physical condition and physical health. In addition, it takes into account the mental aspect and the way of life and customs.

Hemorrhoids treatment using homeopathy, no less effective than the commonly used medical treatment and more easy and pleasant to the patient, because it is not invasive tests or surgery. But actually the problem as hemorrhoids, more easy to understand that changing your eating habits, for example, may bring significant relief medical condition.

Treatment of hemorrhoids using homeopathy, made ​​with natural ingredients so it is suitable for everyone – the elderly, adolescents, infants and pregnant or nursing women. Homeopathic treatment is determined depending on the patient and provides care phenomenon itself, along with handling the various aspects of the life of the patient, which could be a reason for the development of hemorrhoids.

Such treatment includes the use of homeopathic medicines, which contain natural substances that strengthen the blood vessels and soothe hemorrhoids related phenomena (itching, pain, discomfort). Additionally, homeopathic treatments help patients make lifestyle twists and habits which lead to the formation of hemorrhoids in the first place. Thus, the patient in fact prevents the hemorrhoids back again.