Top roof swimming pool – the ultimate pleasure

There is nothing more pampering than swimming or splashing in the pool on a hot summer day, which is characteristic of the hot summer months of the Israeli climate. A swimming pool is not only suitable for private homes, but can also be located on a shared roof or penthouse apartment. Swimming pools on the roof of a building include unique challenges and require special permission from the local authority where the building is located. For example, the challenge in this rooftop pool project was to design a pool in the maximum dimensions that the roof area allows, but without giving up the safety that provides electric coverage and the aesthetics of a high water level characterized by pools with a surfing channel …

What are the safety considerations that must be taken in building swimming pools on the roof?

Since the swimming pool on the roof is a permanent building that requires special permission from the municipal authority, and the pool may weigh up to one ton per square meter, there are many safety considerations related to its establishment,

• Testing the structure’s ability to carry the weight of the pool. Most of the new modern homes are strong enough, and other buildings from 1990 can be specially adapted to carry the weight of the pool without jeopardizing the stability of the building.
• Fencing the pool so that small children can not fall into it without supervision. Most regulations today require that a pool be protected wherever the water is above 60 cm in a fence that is 110 cm or more in height.
• A rooftop swimming pool may also be a noise center for neighbors, so under certain conditions an acoustic wall should be built to moderate the noise.
• It is necessary to determine the textured areas that prevent slipping around the pool, especially when it is a pool on the roof, and keep the pool from the roof walls as much as possible.
Who can obtain the necessary permits for the construction of the pool on the roof?

While the requirements vary among the municipal authorities in Israel, they all require building permits after careful inspection and planning by a civil engineer. There are particularly challenging projects, such as older structures that require a change of the infrastructure of the entire building so that it can be approved for building the pool on the roof, divided roof shared between several apartments, or a roof that includes several levels.

We will be happy to assist you in planning unusual and challenging swimming pools, as well as complex engineering projects – from planning and preparing detailed 3D simulations (technical or realistic) of the pool structure and its surroundings. Authorities – the Ministry of Health, building permits, etc., and until the actual pool construction.