Top 5 Must Have Products for Cat Owners

Most cat owners will agree that cats are among the best life companions. There are a few essentials that go a long way in ensuring that your cat lives a happy comfortable life. A few of these items are:

1. Water and food bowl tray


As a cat owner it is important to always have a clean food and water bowl tray for your cat/ there are water dishes that are excellent for filtering water hence aiding in removing impurities. Always clean out these bowls after every feed to ensure that you cat doesn’t catch any illnesses. For kittens, it is advisable that you purchase the shallower smaller bowls for them so that they do not strain to feed.
It is also advisable to keep the water and food bowl tray away from their litter box. The main reason is cats are not particularly happy to be feeding from the same place they relieve themselves.

2. Cat Toys


Cats are generally very playful pets. As a cat owner it is important that you provide your cat with an array of safe toys. For example, it would be a good idea to get your cat catnip-filled mice or balls as they love pouncing. Get your cat other toys that keep your cat active for several hours.
It is important to know that giving your cat small toys could be harmful to them; they could choke on them. Keep small toys such as pom-poms and bells away from them.

3. Cat Scratching Post


All cats need to scratch and getting a scratching post is a good idea. Ensure that the post has a powerful base hence it cannot tip over. The scratching post should also be as tall as the cat or slightly taller- this is essential because the cat can stand on its hind legs and get a first-class stretch as he’s scratching.
If you intend to have more than one cat/ have more than one cat then ensure that you have at least one scratching post for every cat.

4. Raincoat


This is a must have for cat owners especially for snowy or rainy weather. Rains coats help protect your cat from cold, rain and mud. Most cats love getting dressed up and will gladly take a walk with you in their raincoats.
A good raincoat should be:
• Small enough to fit your cat perfectly
• Waterproof so that your cat is able to strut away happily into the rain
• Made from fabric that’s breathable
• Has a place where a leash holder can be attached too.

5. Litter Box


Today, there are many styles of litter boxes. There are self cleaning litter boxes that rake out the dirty litter after your kitty is done. However, it could be quite expensive for most people. There are other hooded litter boxes which have a tall cover. This tall cover is designed to give your cat some privacy and at the same time preventing the litter from being sprawled on the floor. There are cats that won’t use an enclosed litter box; the best option for them would be an open plain plastic litter box.
Getting the right litter for your cat ensures that your cat is happy and fully comfortable.
While cats are among the easiest pets to keep, it is important that they are always comfortable. Know your cat and what would work best for them.