9 least known ways to grow taller

You are here because your stature does not excite you. You are pissed off by your friends who keep calling you ’shorty,’ but then you admire their elongated description that makes them attractive. No need to worry, you can still get taller by a few inches than you are. I will not recommend drugs or surgery; my methods are all natural.

Close those eyes!

Why do you think babies grow pretty fast in just a few days? It is simple. They spend most of their time closing their eyes when asleep. Practice the same. Get enough sleep and trust me, you will wake up one of these days several inches taller.

Keep stretching and touching your toes

Do you remember your childhood game ’touch your toes?’ it is not yet too late to play it. Stretch your hands as far as possible, rotate them on your head then bend and touch your toes with your legs straight. This game is not just fun, but it also pulls the spine making it longer.

Drink! Drink! Drink!  

Watch what you drink. Alcohol is known to limit growth. Are you a victim of liquor? Keep away from it. Instead, take plenty of water. They say eight glasses a day, but I tell you to take ten. Remember you are on a mission; take more to reach your target.

Food is great

Who doesn’t love good food? Most people live to eat. You can be part of that group in this mission. Eating well, and that means healthy food, is a proven medication to tall statures. Avoid junk foods and invest in a balanced diet. Time your schedules, three main meals in a day and healthy snacks and fruits in between.

Sit and stand well!

Am talking about your posture, in some cases, short stature is as a result of excessive bending. Why do they bend? Probably they are shy, or they spend much time staring at the computer or mobile devices. Bending harms your spinal cord making it bow, resulting in your stature seeming shorter than it should. Practice proper posture and your height will get better.

Set aside life stress

Stress is a thief of many good things in life, and this includes the body figure. It is clear the short stature has been giving you sleepless nights, but stress is making it worse. Try to be active through regular exercise and other important activities to keep off your worries. With tension set aside, you are one step ahead of getting taller.

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Sing along with me. Jumping is vital in growth improvement. Make it a habit of doing ten good jumps three times a day. I will tell you what my 5-year old niece once said when you jump, your head aspires to be up high. The head then works hard to get taller and reach where it jumped to.”

Keep off the pillow

Pillows are great since they make us feel cozy on our beds. However, even doctors don’t recommend them. With pillows on your head and back, your body does not assume the nature posture it should have. Your back needs to be in a straight manner; the pillow makes it bend.

Say no to heavy lifting!

You are working hard to get taller and not develop muscles. Avoid lifting heavy items. Heavy lifting will compress your joints and cartilage, inhibiting your growth to get taller

Follow these nine tips, and you are guaranteed to grow a few inches taller. Happy growth!!