The amazing benefits of inversion tables

An inversion table is a special kind of table in which you can balance your body at any angle. In most cases, it is used to balance your body in a way that your feet are above your head. The table uses the force of gravity to balance your body in whichever angle you like.The inversion table can be used for both medical and fitness purposes. The advantage of using an inversion table is that it does not require too much energy unlike other fitness methods.


When a person is upright, the vertebral discs spaces decreases as they press each other downwards due to the force of gravity. The pressure between the vertebral discs increases when we are walking, exercising or when carrying out a heavy task. This pressure increase may lead to loss of fluid of the disks and eventually the back pain. Inverting your body on the inversion table will reduce the pressure on the discs and the back pain too. It will also reduce the back fatigue as the discs will always have enough fluid and minimal friction.


The compression of our body organs may sometimes lead to reduction of our height even though this effect is not easily noticeable. The reduction of our body heights takes place each day and inverting our bodies can help reverse this process. This is because the inversion reverses the pressure on our body organs.


The loss of fluid and increased pressure on joints may make them stiff and reduce their mobility as the bones come closer to each other. There is also increased friction between the joints and this leads to low flexibility too. As the inversion table helps restore the fluid in the joints, the body becomes more flexible too. The distance between the bones in the joints is also increased leading to lower friction hence increased mobility.


When the body is upright, the ligaments that joins the bones in the joints are mostly idle and therefore grow weak due to under-utilization. Inverting your body will stretch the ligaments making them stronger and hence making your joints healthier.


One of the effects of compression of the vertebral discs will be misalignment of the back vertebrae. This misalignment may lead to an abnormal standing posture which may become more permanent as you get used to it day by day. Inverting your body will help you avoid assuming an unhealthy standing posture by correcting the misalignment of the vertebrae before its too late. Getting used to bad posture makes it more difficult to correct it in future and it would be wise to prevent it early enough.


Inverting your body will increase blood circulation in the body and it will also stretch your muscles and ligaments. The body organs will therefore have enough access to the blood and the nutrients needed for their fitness. The hormonal glands will also have more blood circulation. The hormones will therefore be well distributed in the body helping you feel alert and refreshed.The inversion table is therefore very useful in our lives as it will help us in countless ways. It’s efficient and time saving too.

How to stop your period?

how to stop your period

Sometimes the periods tend to interfere with one schedule as it is hard to stand them mostly if they are accompanied by side effects such as cramps. Due to this reason, many people have tried to turn the tables in such of ways to stop or at least slow down their periods. Stopping can either be permanent or temporary depending on the respective method. If you are therefore wondering on how to stop your period, you can consider the following methods:

· Taking medications. Some medicines such as ibuprofen are known to stop the period. One is recommended to take ibuprofen 2-3 times per day before starting her menstrual cycle until the periods have stopped. However it is important to ensure that you are informed about the number of pills to take at a time to ensure that you do not take an overdose.

· Use of menstrual flexible cups. This cup does not prevent the fluid from flowing but rather safely collects it and can be used for up to 10 hours. It is important for women to know that even when wearing a menstrual cup, the cycle does not change thus it cannot be used to prevent pregnancy.

· Surgery. This is normally recommended when one has a medical condition that leads to excessive menstrual bleeding such as fibroids or endometriosis. There are different surgical methods that are involved in stopping the periods. These are: uterine artery embolization, endometrial ablation, myomectomy and hysterectomy. For all the above named methods, hysterectomy, surgical removal of the womb, is only applied when or the other three methods have failed. The process is normally known to permanently stop your period.

· Use of birth control pills. This has been known to be one of the best methods to stop the period. Bearing in mind that there are different types of birth control pills which works differently on different individuals, it is important to ensure that you consult a qualified doctor or a gynecologist who will advice you on the right contraceptive to use. The doctor will also give you the right dosage to use for the respective pills thus ensuring that you do not encounter any health complications or fail to get the effect.

· Natural methods. This does not require any attention from a doctor as natural products are used which normally have no side effects. The different natural methods will act for different individuals. Some of them are drinking vinegar, taking some lemon, diet such as green beans, drinking a lot of juice amongst others or using a massage chair for relaxation.

· Taking alcohol. Despite its effectiveness, this is not a much recommended method as it is not healthy to take alcohol each time you want to stop your period.

The intention to stop the periods has mostly been used during sports, travelling period or even for sex reasons.

The type of method that you go for will be determined by how long you want to put your period on hold. It is important to know that permanent methods are mostly not reversible thus if you are planning to get a child in future, it is advisable to only go for reversible methods.

The most common stomach problems

Talking about stomach disorders may scare some people especially those who may have had suffered from the condition. It is a common issue among many individuals and families and therefore has risen concern in the health sector. The stomach is an important organ that plays a major role in protein breakdown, food storage, fraternization of digested food with acids and finally directing it to the ileum. A disruption of this four processes can lead to serious or mild stomach problems and may therefore require medical attention. The common stomach complications include: heartburn, constipation, hemorrhoids and diarrhea.


Constipation is the most common digestive problem in our society today. It mainly results from lack of enough water in our bodies, slow or even failure of bowel movement or lack of muscle contraction and relaxation. Constipation is characterized by occasional impulse to have a bowel movement, total strain while easing, rigid stool and a foul smell from the mouth which can be quite embarrassing.

Constipation is a condition that requires a fast remedy to due to the toxic content in the waste material. The waste material contains a lot of toxic substances which need to be expelled from our body. Failure to get rid of the wastes may lead to absorption of the toxins in the blood leading to a more fatal problem. The firm stool can also lead to the blockage of the bowel causing bowel inconsistency and finally a rupture of the colon. The materials spills in belly causing a therapeutic emergency known as toxin mega-colon’.

Some of the common treatments of constipation include

· Increased water intake

· Intake of fiber content foods

· Reduced intake of caffeine and liquor

· Systematic exercises

· Use of purgatives and suppositories.


Hemorrhoid is simply the unusual swelling of both the rectum and the anus, a condition that is common for both gender but more common to the expectant, obese and poor dieters. It mainly results from childbirth, long sitting hours, diarrhea, constipation as well as tough exercises. An irritation of the hemorrhoid veins leads to itchiness, pain and inflammation of the membranes leading to bleeding from the anus.

There are three types of hemorrhoids: external hemorrhoids which is simply a bulge or a hard bump that is as a result of a blood clot. It can only be treated by a medical practitioner. Internal hemorrhoids is a less serious condition that is characterized by painless is also important to treat the condition in time. The prolapsed hemorrhoids are characterized by swollen veins which stretch until they bulge out of the anus.

Most constipation remedy work in the treatment of hemorrhoids and therefore helpful for its treatment. It is also important to avoid sitting for long as well as have a regular soak in some warm water.

Read more on the full hemorrhoids guide site


Diarrhea is a stomach problem characterized by unfastened and water-logged stool that require quick expulsion sending you flying in the latrine from time to time. The condition mainly results from bacterial infection and food poisoning which can be countered by increased intake of liquid diet to avoid dehydration. It can also be caused by crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

Diarrhea can be avoided by ensuring a proper hygiene in the house and especially in the kitchen. You should also avoid eating contaminated and raw foods. In case of more serious symptoms, it is important to seek medical care.


The connection between hemorrhoids and family issues

Hemorrhoids usually are caused by increased pressure on the veins in the pelvic and rectal area. The more pressure, blood accumulates in the veins, causing them to swell. Eventually stretch the tissues surrounding veins, hemorrhoids and Christians.

Here are the reasons that might create hemorrhoids:

  • If you are in a rush to complete a bowel movement. Pressure may lead to increased stretch and increase pressure on the rectal veins.
  • Persistent diarrhea or constipation , Which may both create and increase tensile Click veins in the anal canal.
  • Overweight. Excess weight, especially in the abdomen and pelvis, may increase the pressure on the pelvic veins.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy increase blood flow to the pelvis and relax supportive tissues while the growing fetus causes increased pressure on the blood vessels. During birth may develop hemorrhoids because of the intense pressure on the anal area while the push to remove the baby.
  • Medical problems. For example, heart or liver problems may cause blood ongoing drain on the abdomen and pelvic area, thus increasing the veins.
  • Tumors in the pelvic region. These rarely occur.

Excellent Explanation about hemorrhoids can be found in or on Wikipedia

So what are the similar things between hemorrhoids and our family? (did you ever think about it?)

  • Lack of communication and listening to our partner, hurrying to finish a conversation without fully listening to his arguments and without giving him the right respect.
  •  Accumulating problems / bad feelings with others near, without solving them, or without solving them correctly (parallel obesity).
  • conceptual changes in relation to others and environmentally (equivalent hormonal body), a new order of precedence for one or both partners (the Internet is more important, friends are more important, more important work, etc. ..).
  • Failure to treat relationship “infections” that occur during our daily life following the temptations in our life “tumors” are created   (infidelity, addiction Gambling Addiction, entertainment without the spouse / partner, etc.). Identification of these non-time, and treating them in a professional manner leads Raising “malignant, that later spreads and takes over the individual’s resources (energy, free time, feelings, relationship, patience, and sometimes even money.) It drains closest relationship with content and meaning.

About a solution or way to change my state

An important component (although not the only) solution for such a situation in the family, and often in any relationship is understanding what prevents you from being a lovely loving family.

My advice is to start at the family – don’t let the problems grow, don’t let them evolve. Like hemorrhoids it is much easier to solve when they are small.

5 natural remedies that can help get rid of pimples

These uninvited guests on our face and body appear not only in teenagers age, but also later, in our twenties and thirties. To treat them isn’t easy, and it can as well be expensive if you choose to buy commercialized products for pimple solution that “guarantee” you will be rid of pimples “within five days”. (Taken from and ) :

So here is the list of natural ways and also medicaments that are REALLY going to help you! We will start from the most common and old-fashioned ways.

1. Baking soda

Baking soda scrubs your face, removes the epithelium and opens the pores. This is the best peeling for the skin and you should do this twice a week. After this treatment wash your face with cold water and always use your towl clean and dry. You can use baking soda for brushing your teeth, also. So simple and so good! I love it! And it’s cheap.

2. Apple cider vinegar

This fellow for most of us doesn’t have enchanting scent, but this vinegar can really be a good helper for this matter. Use cotton pads to dab your face with the vinegar and don’t think about it’s smell, think about how your face will look amazingly good after this treatment.

3. Lemon juice

Lemon has a looong history in cosmetics. It’s good for your skin, hair, whole body, everything.
Many people forget how important citrus fruits are. There are tons of great recipes for using lemon in purpose of healing your skin, especially for oil one. Take cotton pad then dip it into the freshly squeezed lemons juice. Then finally apply it on affected area then leave it overnight. In the morning you will see a pleasant surprise!

4. Green tea

This herb is often used for home-made creams and tonics! In a glass of cooled green tea, add two tablespoons of lemon juice or brandy, rakia. This lotion perfectly removes superfluous shine off the skin, improves and evens your skin tone.

6. Plantain and nettle

Make a tea from fresh nettle leaves and plantain, soak a piece of cotton pad in it and wet acne several times a day. Nettle is one among the best herbs for growing hair, also!

7. Wild oregano

This is one among the most effective herbal antiseptics in nature and it will accelerate the process of treatment of blackheads and acne if you put few drops of wild oregano oil on a facial cleanser. It’s worth every penny s this enhances better living in our everyday life.


What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoidsare blood vessels located in the rectum, which swell and grow and cause sensitivity in the region. Hemorrhoids occur in two forms – internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids or piles and Internal Akstrnim. Internal hemorrhoids are located inside the anal canal, rectum inside. In most cases, internal hemorrhoids are not painful and the only way to identify this health condition, is the detection of bleeding from the anus during defecation. There is also the possibility of internal hemorrhoids will drop and that will be external.

External hemorrhoids are located outside the rectum area and bring sensitivity, pain, burning, itching and bleeding. External hemorrhoids can see and feel, because they stand out from the anus. This is also the reason why external hemorrhoids more painful and yet – it is easier to identify and deal with them.

Hemorrhoids are a common medical problem, which is suffering from bleeding from the area of ​​the anus and sometimes suffer real pain when imposing feces. Conventional medicine offers many hemorrhoids treatments, ranging from over the counter medications to surgery to tie the expanded blood vessels.

Homeopathic medicine also provides relief for those who suffer from hemorrhoids, among other things, changes in certain dietary habits and different homeopathic supplements. Homeopathy will offer a solution for those who suffer from hemorrhoids are using personal registry supplements, and through changes in habits of life – in the emotional, mental and social status of the patient.

What are the reasons for hemorrhoids

Many different reasons may lead to the formation of hemorrhoids. Usually, the main reason is multi-pressure rectal area. Increased pressure on the area, due to increased abdominal pressure that may arise in the following ways: a large force during exit, pregnancy or childbirth, high blood pressure, problems in the blood vessels, cough, vomiting, sport that requires a lot of effort, mental anguish, stress, heart failure , poor diet, genetics, obesity, age and more.
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Hemorrhoids are common in what population?

Hemorrhoid is a very common phenomenon in the modern world and the industrial and usually begins to appear in a person’s twenties. Typical hospital hemorrhoids are people on the golden age and older, pregnant women and postpartum overweight people.

Over the years, increased risk of developing hemorrhoids. Prevalence among the adult population covered weakening of the muscles in the region and this in common constipation. In addition, older people require different medications and experience frequent changes in metabolism. Hemorrhoids occur in women than men, especially during the time of pregnancy and following birth.

How homeopathy can help treat hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoid medical treatment is invasive and unpleasant process. For this reason, many approach using homeopathy to treat hemorrhoids. Alternative medicine, treatment advocates combining all aspects of life of the patient, and includes a comprehensive reference to the patient’s physical condition and physical health. In addition, it takes into account the mental aspect and the way of life and customs.

Hemorrhoids treatment using homeopathy, no less effective than the commonly used medical treatment and more easy and pleasant to the patient, because it is not invasive tests or surgery. But actually the problem as hemorrhoids, more easy to understand that changing your eating habits, for example, may bring significant relief medical condition.

Treatment of hemorrhoids using homeopathy, made ​​with natural ingredients so it is suitable for everyone – the elderly, adolescents, infants and pregnant or nursing women. Homeopathic treatment is determined depending on the patient and provides care phenomenon itself, along with handling the various aspects of the life of the patient, which could be a reason for the development of hemorrhoids.

Such treatment includes the use of homeopathic medicines, which contain natural substances that strengthen the blood vessels and soothe hemorrhoids related phenomena (itching, pain, discomfort). Additionally, homeopathic treatments help patients make lifestyle twists and habits which lead to the formation of hemorrhoids in the first place. Thus, the patient in fact prevents the hemorrhoids back again.

interesting facts about our digestive system

Some interesting facts about the digestive system:

1 During his life, the average person eats about -30 000 pounds of food, the equivalent weight of six elephants.

2 mouth produces 1 liter per day of saliva.

3 If you need to start button my pants after a big meal the stomach is capable of guilt swell to 20 times its original size.

4 pad the stomach itself must re new cells every two weeks otherwise gastric juices digest it completely.

5 average fart is composed of 59% nitrogen, 21% hydrogen, 9% carbon dioxide, 7% methane and 4% oxygen. Swelling stinking ingredient is hydrogen sulphide. A diet rich in sulfur such as dairy products, eggs, cabbage and beans will result in swelling the cost of a strong smell.

6 Most people emit about 14 times swelling are about half a liter a day of gas, contrary to myth, women do not release less gas than men (they just hide it better).
Fart temperature reaches 37 ° C and a speed of 3 meters per second are a little more than 10 miles per hour.
Laughter is good for health 7. Studies in recent years show that laughter reduces stress hormones (stress) and strengthen the SW vaccine.

6-year-olds laugh an average of 300 times a day, while adults laugh at the 15
50 times a day.

The digestive system is Responsible for digestion and absorption of food and nutrients liquidation in order to absorb nutrients into the bloodstream and remove body parts that you can not digest food.

Ongoing digestive system from the mouth to the anus and the average length is 9 feet when the length of the small intestine is 6.5 meters on average and 1.5 meters colon.

Any element of the intestinal tract and other organs participating digestion problems can occur that will cause difficulty with digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Digestive process starts even before the entry of food here. And so by the smell of food, sense of smell is the most direct sense, and he goes directly from the nose to the brain.
It makes the secretion of saliva and gastric acid secretion. Prepares the stomach to receive food. It is therefore important to smell the food and Slaucl will smell good, and nothing stimulates us to eat and digest system.

Introducing the mouth and chewing food well and his thorough we begin dismantling operation has been the food into smaller particles and saliva previously provided can wrap the food. In salivary enzymes and antibodies are proteins decompose sugar crisp, remove bacteria and prevent tooth decay (just based on the commercials of Orbit gum apparently considered good for two).
The tongue has taste buds are nerve endings which we feel the taste of the food.
According to Chinese medicine, there are five reasons:
1 2 sour bitter sweet 3 4 5 salty spicy.

When it is important that a person eats diets all five flavors. According to Chinese medicine can treat problems of the body through the flavors.
For example, women in early pregnancy usually want to pickle foods. Sour related liver is the organ most affected in all those hormones of pregnancy and beginning of Chinese medicine by bringing the blood from the uterus.
Constricted sour taste and helps in digestion and assimilation of minerals and therefore better to stop the vomiting.

Tip: During the beginning of the pregnancy is recommended to cook dried tangerine peel in warm water or fresh drinking water. Sour taste Mr. Fantastic pregnancy morning sickness.

The food goes down the throat through the esophagus and reach the stomach.
Stomach generates three materials:

1 HCL hydrochloric acid acid creates an acidic atmosphere of pH2.5.

Role of acid protect against bacteria that enter through food and air to help beginning degradation of proteins and absorption of zinc, calcium and magnesium are essential for building bones and 12 B is essential to the nervous system and build the blood.
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2 pepsin an enzyme that breaks down proteins.

3 Gestrine Similar to Gel Protection material – protects the stomach and intestinal organs. If not for this gel stomach was digesting itself in no time.

Great tip for a summer diet

During the summer it is advisable to eat food chilling and relaxing, especially for all those suffering from the heat.  You can easily prepare such food. .for example, pop-style food, and Chinese pop-up does not mean full synthetic sauces, mean abundance of vegetables with or without meat and seasoning quick hopping self-prepared easy.

Salads, raw or cooked designed to ingest plenty minerals and all that good food. Pan lightness and more different foods that do not burden the stomach. In addition, care should be taken in smaller amounts of food at meals.

Naturally, the heat reduces the feeling of hunger and creates an increased demand for food – when the priority is not to drink sweetened and especially water. Clean clear water, wash and certainly slake the thirst.
Soft drinks are not able to saturate the body loses fluids sweat (even though most of us are conditioned places, we still sweating because occasionally leave the room).

Important information for fruit:
• Summer fruit in recent years, we know not all “native land.” Some were adopted by the Israeli agriculture. For example, tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, lychee and more.

• Fruit is nature’s candy and should not overeat sweets, although they are natural. It is therefore recommended to eat 3 pieces of fruit a day.

• Despite being all sweet fruits, sugar excreted them, the fruits are divided into two main groups: those with glucose value (hypoglycemic) are higher and less. It is best not to exaggerate the amount of the very sweet fruit, especially for those who love eating sweet besides the fruit.
–  fruit Very sweet watermelon, mango, grapes, melon, banana, peach.
–  fruit Less sweet: plum, kiwi, nectarine, berries, apples, pears, and apricots.

• There is a school of thought that says that the best diet healthy fruit open today. Age in which we live, when the subject of food is problematic and unbalanced, it is better to precisely control open carbohydrate (bread slice, for example) rather than in fruit.

• It is recommended to eat fruit separately from the rest of the food, to the process of decomposition and its absorption will be at their best. It is therefore recommended to eat the fruit snacks (between breakfast, lunch, and afternoon evening).

• it is always better to consume fruit instead of candy and synthetic.

• In summer fun to candy fruit. For example: Take 1 cup yogurt, drained the bowl. In a separate bowl sliced ​​1 cup favorite summer fruits, mix 1 teaspoon coconut chips, a little cinnamon powder into the fruit, pour the yogurt mixture over the fruit and sprinkle over some chopped nuts. Healthy, refreshing and sweet!

• Great fit fruit with nuts and almonds. The combination of fat, sugar walnut fruit slowing down the rate of decomposition of sugar in the body and is very healthy for us.

• those suffering from constipation, you may want to eat kiwi one morning before drinking and dining, and open the gastrointestinal tract.

9 least known ways to grow taller

You are here because your stature does not excite you. You are pissed off by your friends who keep calling you ’shorty,’ but then you admire their elongated description that makes them attractive. No need to worry, you can still get taller by a few inches than you are. I will not recommend drugs or surgery; my methods are all natural.

Close those eyes!

Why do you think babies grow pretty fast in just a few days? It is simple. They spend most of their time closing their eyes when asleep. Practice the same. Get enough sleep and trust me, you will wake up one of these days several inches taller.

Keep stretching and touching your toes

Do you remember your childhood game ’touch your toes?’ it is not yet too late to play it. Stretch your hands as far as possible, rotate them on your head then bend and touch your toes with your legs straight. This game is not just fun, but it also pulls the spine making it longer.

Drink! Drink! Drink!  

Watch what you drink. Alcohol is known to limit growth. Are you a victim of liquor? Keep away from it. Instead, take plenty of water. They say eight glasses a day, but I tell you to take ten. Remember you are on a mission; take more to reach your target.

Food is great

Who doesn’t love good food? Most people live to eat. You can be part of that group in this mission. Eating well, and that means healthy food, is a proven medication to tall statures. Avoid junk foods and invest in a balanced diet. Time your schedules, three main meals in a day and healthy snacks and fruits in between.

Sit and stand well!

Am talking about your posture, in some cases, short stature is as a result of excessive bending. Why do they bend? Probably they are shy, or they spend much time staring at the computer or mobile devices. Bending harms your spinal cord making it bow, resulting in your stature seeming shorter than it should. Practice proper posture and your height will get better.

Set aside life stress

Stress is a thief of many good things in life, and this includes the body figure. It is clear the short stature has been giving you sleepless nights, but stress is making it worse. Try to be active through regular exercise and other important activities to keep off your worries. With tension set aside, you are one step ahead of getting taller.

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Sing along with me. Jumping is vital in growth improvement. Make it a habit of doing ten good jumps three times a day. I will tell you what my 5-year old niece once said when you jump, your head aspires to be up high. The head then works hard to get taller and reach where it jumped to.”

Keep off the pillow

Pillows are great since they make us feel cozy on our beds. However, even doctors don’t recommend them. With pillows on your head and back, your body does not assume the nature posture it should have. Your back needs to be in a straight manner; the pillow makes it bend.

Say no to heavy lifting!

You are working hard to get taller and not develop muscles. Avoid lifting heavy items. Heavy lifting will compress your joints and cartilage, inhibiting your growth to get taller

Follow these nine tips, and you are guaranteed to grow a few inches taller. Happy growth!!